How do you choose the locations for signs?

Folks conducting their own Walk [Your City] campaigns will choose their signs' destination points based on what they want to highlight in their community: if your campaign is focused on public health, perhaps you'll direct folks to farmers' markets and public parks. Want to make it easier for visitors to explore your town? Point them to museums, lively plazas, and the best places to eat! Undoubtedly you have your own list of must-visit spots in your community, and areas where you want to decrease vehicle traffic and get more feet on the street.

How will you get folks from here... to there? We typically focus groups of signs around intersections or along active sections of streets, where they'll be visible to more passers-by. By placing the signs at intersections -- or as we like to call them, "decision points" -- we keep the viewer informed of the different options she might have to continue her trip. Installing signs at intersections also makes them accessible to viewers on bikes, or in cars at traffic lights or stop signs.



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