What are the signs' dimensions and features?

Signs are 12"x12" -- one square foot. The sign material is 1/4" coroplast, a type of corrugated plastic. Printing on the signage is vinyl and lasts from 18 to 36 months (at least) when exposed to the elements.

The industrial zip ties used to post our signs are 3/8" wide, 36" long, and very sturdy. Holes that fit the zip ties are pre-drilled in the sign for easy installation. Zip ties can be easily cut to remove the sign after use. Another bonus: they're super easy to use and require no messy or destructive adhesive. Once the sign is gone, there's no evidence it was ever there -- except for more feet on the street! Need replacements? You can find zip ties at most home improvement stores, or contact us to order more for $0.95 each (two needed per sign).


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